Start Pursuing Your Passion Today!


Start Pursuing Your Passion Today!

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“Start Pursuing Your Passion Today” is an instructional workbook and resource that explains and guides an individual through the various phases of the product development process. The workbook section has an exercise containing over 30 questions related to the reader’s idea. The questions help the reader more thoroughly evaluate their idea and identify issues that need to be addressed in the development of your idea. The reader uses these answers to help formulate a plan for the development of the idea. The questions help:

1) identify various products based on the idea;

2) identify advantages of products based on the idea;

3) determine best way(s) to protect the idea (patents, copyrights, trademarks, contracts);

4) determine strategies for commercializing products (i.e. licensing) and presenting the idea to companies and investors;

5) identifying areas in the process where assistance from others is necessary.


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