Does the Pastor Own the Sermon


Does the Pastor Own the Sermon



This question has a practical answer and a legal answer. The formal arrangement between the pastor and the congregation will usually determine this ownership issue. However, one can expand this question to ownership of many other works created through ministry activities by musicians, church staff, teachers, and volunteers. In a new resource, “Does the Pastor Own the Sermon” guides ministries and other non-profit organizations on how to develop and own works created through organization activities. This notebook format resource comprises over 60 instructional slide images that will help churches and other non-profit organizations identify, assess, and establish clear ownership of their creative works. In addition to the set of slides, this product contains more than 100 pages of reference materials and sample legal documents that provide further discussions on the ownership of works created through ministry and community activities. This resource will address “How organizations can secure clear ownership of their creative works.” This resource includes:

  • Information about various ministry/community areas where creativity occurs
  • Guidelines on how to establish ownership of creative works
  • Reasons to secure and protect ownership of ministry creativity
  • A detailed discussion of different forms of protection for ministry creativity
  • Sample legal agreements for different church personnel and outside entities
  • Federal Copyright registration forms
  • Discussion of Fair Use for Copyright materials
  • Discussion of the Religious Services Exemptions for Copyright Use
  • Examples of ministry works or creative works an organization can protect
  • Audio/Visual PowerPoint presentations for securing ownership of and protection for ministry works, copyright registrations, and trademark registrations



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