Divine Directions for Deliverance from Debt Workbook Resource (Digital)


Divine Directions for Deliverance from Debt Workbook Resource (Digital)

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God has a specific plan that can deliver anyone from debt. God did it in the Bible, and God can do it for you. This story of God delivering the woman in 2 Kings 4 from debt proves several things including 1) God knows how to address a debt situation and 2) Entrepreneurship can be way out of debt. Divine Directions explores this Biblical passage and provides information to help us better assess the assets we already have and how we can use them to create wealth. This resource also reveals how the directions God gave this woman form the basis for a present-day method for developing commercial products. In addition to the spiritual instruction, information and inspiration, this resource contains the following entrepreneurial tools:

A product development exercise – This exercise contains over 30 questions that will help a person further analyze any idea.

A Power Point presentation titled “Presenting Your Idea to a Company”. In addition, reference materials on this topic provide additional guidance.

Guidelines for working with invention development companies

A sample non-disclosure agreement used when initially meeting with an investor or company regarding any idea.

A sample technical services agreement used when retaining others to work with you


This resource encourages the reader to call on God to reveal His already prepared plan for one’s debt deliverance.


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