Corporate Security - Identifying and Protecting Corporate Intellectual Property Assets


Corporate Security - Identifying and Protecting Corporate Intellectual Property Assets



Every business from the self-employed business to multi-million dollar companies has some form of intellectual property. Basic information, such as a client list or a brand name is intellectual property.

Many large corporations spend tens of millions of dollars protecting their intellectual property because they see the value of intellectual property. Smaller businesses do not have the resources to retain legal support to help them identify and protect their intellectual property. “Corporate Security” is a training resource designed to assist businesses in identifying and protecting the intellectual these companies create. This product explains the various types of intellectual property companies develop.

The resource identifies the four basic ways to protect intellectual property assets.

This resource includes:

  • A 75-slide audio-visual presentation provides a detailed discussion of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets;
  • Over 100 pages of reference materials to provide further analysis of intellectual property protection;
  • Guidelines help companies identify intellectual property; determine what intellectual property to protect, and the appropriate protection means;
  • Templates that enable employees to document the creation of intellectual property;
  • Sample processes on how to review ideas and determine the best means for protection; and
  • 14 sample legal agreements that cover various corporate activities where intellectual property creation can occur. These agreements highlight legal issues related to the development and protection of intellectual property assets.

Three vital aspects of identifying and protecting intellectual property are organization, education, and documentation. “Corporate Security” is the resource that provides the information needed to help companies adequately safeguard their intellectual property assets.


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