4 Ways to Keep Someone from Taking Your Million $ Idea


4 Ways to Keep Someone from Taking Your Million $ Idea

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One way to keep someone from taking an idea is to develop the idea. “4 Ways to Keep Someone from Taking Your Million $ Idea” is a training product that helps an individual formulate a strategy to develop and protect his or her idea. This product explains the various steps of the product development process and the activities during each step. This product will help the user:

1) identify multiple products based on the idea;

2) identify the advantages of products based on the idea concept;

3) determine the best way(s) to protect the concept (patents, copyrights, trademarks, contracts);

4) learn strategies for commercializing products (i.e., licensing) and presenting the idea to companies and investors;

5) identifying areas in the process where assistance from others is necessary.

This product resource includes:

  • A 75-slide audio-visual presentation (over 3.5 hours) that explains the ways one can protect his/her idea in each phase of the development process.
  • Modules that provide guidelines for the protection of an idea from conception through commercialization with patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets;
  • More than 100 pages of reference materials that provide further discussions of the product development process;
  • A product development exercise with more than 30 questions for the user to answer or consider. These questions guide a person through each step of the development process for their particular idea;
  • Guidelines for working with invention development companies;
  • A discussion of the more than 25 questions an investor or company will ask about your idea; and
  • An appendix with samples of several different legal agreements one may need during this product development process. These sample agreements contain explanations of each provision.

This easy to understand and use the product will help the user create a plan to help them turn their idea into a commercial product.


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