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Do you have an idea, but do not know where to start?

Do you have an idea, but are afraid someone will take it?

Do you have an idea that you want to present to a company?

This website contains information that will help you start the process of taking your idea from concept to commercialization. You can turn your idea into a million dollar product or service.

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“Godly Ideas – Developing and Protecting God-Given Ideas"


Intellectual Property in Ministry

Ministry activities generate an enormous number of creative works such as music, various types of educational materials and events such as conference, retreats and concerts and the artistic designs to promote various types of events. Ministries also create media programs and help establish businesses such as book stores and graphic design and printing services. These creative assets can have spiritual, personal and commercial value. Ministry works created through church activities include sermons, music, educational materials, names and promotional materials for events, websites, ministry broadcasts and commercial products.

Intellectual Property

Creation of Strategies for Product Development and Commercialization

Patent Protects

A patent protects an idea or invention.

Copyright Protects

A copyright protects artistic works.

Trademark Protects

A trademark protects the identify of a product of service (the brand).

Trade secret

A trade secret protects an idea by keeping the idea secret and of the public.


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Professional & Experienced Patent Attorney

What is Intellectual Property?

Why is Intellectual Property important?

Who needs Intellectual Property protection?

When does one need Intellectual Property protection?

We can review and assess your idea or product concept
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Why have Darcell Walker speak for you?

He conducts empowering workshops on legal, motivational and spiritual topics. Darcell Walker is an attorney with over three decades of experience in Intellectual Property law. He is the author of the book titled “Godly Ideas – Developing and Protecting God-Given Ideas.” He served as an instructor for University of Houston Small Business Development Center for 10 years. He speaks, teaches, and preaches extensively about this subject and related topics. He has served as an associate pastor for nine years.
 Some topics I address include:

– Pursue Your Passion Today – 5 Steps for Developing Your Idea

– 4 Ways to Keep Someone from Taking Your Million Dollar Idea

– Does the Pastor Own the Sermon? (Protecting Works Created During Ministry Activities)

– Corporate Security – Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Assets

Attorney Darcell Walker and the information and resources he provides, arms you with useable tools and practical wisdom to take your God-given idea from dream to reality.

                 April M. Didrikson, Pastry Chef., President/CEO Art in the Baking LLC Houston, Texas.


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Our Client's Reviews
I value the experience I gained from his insight on IP and how to best protect it.
Joe Breman, Presedent
International Underwater Explorations, Haiku, Hawiai
Darcell Walker's book and his workshop changed the trajectory of my professional career by teaching me how to manifest my creative ideas while protecting my intellectual property.
Dr. Vera Walker Hawkins, Associate Professor of Journalism
Texas Southern University Houston Texas
"Pursuing Godly ideas" was the first book I read on inventions, and it was just what I needed. Being a first-time inventor can be overwhelming because you're stuck in between paranoia from thinking someone will steal your "baby" (invention) and not even knowing where to start. The book provides a wealth of knowledge, and after reading, you should have sufficient information to start your journey.
Porsha Bursey
Inventor/Patent Owner, Red Oak, Texas